Process photos

Process photos are always great, nothing better than to see a piece made from start to finish, so if this is something you feel like sharing, remember to take photos throughout your process and send them to me at the end with everything else.

March 1

Today the exchange starts officially and hopefully you are already well along, you’ve made contact with your match and the two of you have talked about how you want to go about the exchange.

Some people work from a color, a poem, a memory, a material… I hope you get the picture:-)

box/packaging Inspiration

Please think your box into your piece, it should be part of the experience, think extraordinary. You can see some examples here from previous exchanges.

June 1

Today we should be sending our packages, did you remember to:

Take high resolution photos of both your piece, box and packaging, from different angles ?

The packages should be send with tracking and as a gift, with low value. This is to avoid import fees on the receiving end.

Photo Editing

You have to edit your photos in photoshop, either yourself or have someone else do it. No photo is good enough without some editing. The background needs to be cleaned up. This goes for the photos of your piece, box & package.


Need a little help getting to know each other?

24 questions to help  you get to know each other.


Today we are 1 month into the exchange and I’d like you to take status:

Are you as far with the process as you’d want to be 1/3 into the exchange?

Have you made a real effort to get to know your match and stay connected in the process?

Have you done everything you were suppose to by now? (made contact, decided how to work, made a profile here on PreeApproved, joined TCJE group, introduced yourself in the group, send a pairing photo) if you are in doubt, its good to use the checklist here on the page.


These are some of my favourite exchanges from previous years

July 1

Today it’s time to check in on the packages, both the one you send and the one you are receiving.

Where is it?

Did yours arrive yet?

Did you get yours?

If not, you should find out where in the process of shipping they are.


Now it’s time to take a portrait wearing the piece you received, please think about your background and the clothes you are wearing, put some thought into it, does it complement the piece?

Avoid messy backgrounds like:

Shelves, door openings, windows and so on…

Instead think of:

Concrete walls, brick walls, nature and so on…



Today we are two month into the exchange and you should be closing in on finishing your piece, so that you can start working on your box and packaging.

If you need inspiration try looking at the box/packaging inspiration above.

Whats a good piece?

What’s a good piece? Thats kind of hard to answer, it means different things to different people, but to me in regards to the exchange it means:

The technical work is on point

There’s thought/meaning behind it

It’s personal to the receiver

It’s obvious that time went into making it

It’s unique


Today is the deadline for sending in all the materials, you need to:

Make a shared dropbox folder with  your match

Ad a folder from each of you with names on them

Ad your portrait, photos of your piece, box, packaging for different angles and your text.

Dont forget to label everything correctly, also the photos. Please spell it out like it’s meant for someone that doesn’t know what they are looking at, because it is, I don’t know what pieces are from who and who is wearing what and who is from which country. Please make it easy for me:-)


Some pairs decides to meet up and exchange their pieces in person, documenting this and sharing the photos/story with the rest of us, is a really nice touch, so if that happens to be you and your match, remember to send me photos and text about it in the end.

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