FUSING – the process of melting scraps of silver onto sheet silver to create very interesting surface effects.

Part of the Sunday afternoon Lathe and Metal Inlays class taught by Jewellery Instructor: Terry Johnston,

at the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

During this class we were introduced to inlays and married metals including reticulating silver onto copper sheet

and fusing silver onto silver sheet.

I was really inspired and am having a lot of fun experimenting with this new technique!

I like the freedom of working with this process, the rawness and roughness of the textures.

I like how each piece is unique and organic in nature, reminding me of lava or stucco.

I have incorporated bronze squares and chunks into this rustic surface.

This result reminds me of natural Iron Pyrite crystals that we found in a riverbed in the interior of British Columbia on a road trip in 1977,

and how the iron pyrite cubes are embedded in the matrix.

Iron Pyrite is one of my favourite stones.


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