JOLANTA GAZDA (On the left)


I loved Deborah’s pieces from the first time I saw them. Her brooches were my favorite. As she says, they are almost like “paintings”- and that’s the truth.

We both agreed to make brooches, as we both love them!

For Deborah, I made a “The Sun” brooch from my favorite crocheted collection – “Pleated”.

In my crocheted designs I like to imagine the piece as a whole, not focusing on the spaces in between the wire weaving. This crocheted collection showcases a play between solid matter and air forms, an interaction between “something” and “nothing”.

The Sun


Crocheted silver wire, silver

Hand Fabricated

DEBORAH VIVAS (On the right)


I was very happy to be paired with Jolanta for this exchange, as I really like the aesthetics of all her collections.

My pieces express a play with light, dimension and surface formations, almost like painting. I use steel as my canvas, the torch as my brush and a mix of metals – fine gold and fine silver – as my paint palette; creating in each piece different intensities of textures and light.

The Meeting


Steel, fine gold, fine silver, sterling silver

Hand Fabricated

To meet a person may seem random at times, but in fact its often a culmination of inevitably linked chain of events. This piece represents the connection between people and how they evolve and grow with each others experiences. 

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