Yiota Voglided

Yiota Vogli

Shielded Sentiments collection, 2019 – necklace,43x24x3 cm , paper pulp,alpaca, copper, varnishes, paint

By dismantling the walls of emotional protection and make honest connections with others, by opening ourselves up without the fear of being hurt, rejected or other painful emotions, we experience the healthy relationships that can benefit us in many ways.

Protecting our self physically is a pretty straight forward affair. Protecting our self emotionally calls for more. Some people attempt to avoid uncomfortable situations by metaphorically ‘shielding’ their self within a ‘wall’, and even though this mode of protection has become somewhat comfortable for them, the accompanying feelings of anger, anxiety, and depression are far from healthy.

People over time become used to that ‘wall’ and stop noticing it, they learn to ‘live within these walls’.

But the wall is incapable of discerning good or bad; what could cause you harm or what is friendly and harmless.

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